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Can our heroe Can Max and Lia defeat Veloth the Vampire Squid, and return the four elements that power Aquora before the whole city But Glendor the Stealthy Shadow isn't the only danger. Can Max and Lia defeat the beast and find the next element to Max and Lia must find the third element to power Aquora - but with a Robobeast that can turn invisible, this might b Max won't stop until the crazed computer is defeated, and he gets the final element to save Aquora.

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But Iris still has Max and Lia's underwater adventures continue, as a terrifying new set of Robobeasts is unleashed in the oceans of Plan A deadly new Robobeast has been sent to battle Max and his brave companions! Manak the Silent Predator glides through Max and Lia are on the trail of a fiendish pirate, Red Eye, who plans to steal four ancient Merryn treasures, when the A precious Merryn treasure map has been stolen, and it becomes clear that the dreaded pirate Red Eye is involved.

Max and Lia's battle to defeat the wicked pirate, Red Eye, continues.


Deep beneath the waves, Red Eye's crew of roboti Evil never sleeps, and Max and Lia know that their greatest battle is still to come. Can they stop the dreaded pirate Planet Nemos needs Max and Lia's help once more, as an old enemy and a terrifying new Robobeast attack the mysterious Evil swims beneath the seas of the planet Nemos When Cephalox the Cyber Squid kidnaps Max's dad, he gives chase in Max and his friends have already fought off three terrible Robobeasts.

Now they face the ultimate battle, as the evil It has got a lot of adventure which makes it really exciting This is the final book of Boxset 1 in the Sea Quest series. On the whole they are very good at getting young children reading. Action, adventure, nume My son loves these books. They are very easy to read and he has been reading one or two chapters to me just before his bedtime book.

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Accept Cookies. Home Series Sea Quest. Sea Quest by Adam Blade 7 reviews. Main Series Other Titles. Book 1. Book 2. Book 3. Hello all!

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My name is Suzy and I'm GrumpyG's editor. The title says "About the Author", but I haven't written every guide here. It just means I published it. Many thanks to the players that have given their time and permission to publish their work here. I will try to keep everything updated with our constantly patching Black Desert Online.

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If you see any errors, please let me know in the comments. If you are brave enough to contact me privately, click the secret Contact link hidden on this page…. Ha ha! Prepare to diiiieeee!!! I die so much, but he is fun to watch as he does his little dancing jig and players flee. A couple other corrections. Also you have to use a desert tent specifically, which u can buy from the stablekeeper in sand grain i believe. Thanks for the info and the error corrections!

Best GrumpyG Buddy! Have fun on your adventures. Might help those that only wish to gain the AP and fail stacks. You can encourage me to write more BDO guides, by shopping at Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, within 24 hours of clicking above link. No additional cost to you. Table of Contents. A whole month has already passed since the start of this new year.

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Disagree Agree. Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Notify of. Please use my email address and send notification about new comments and replies. You can unsubscribe at any time. Gather Elk Meat with a Butcher Knife. Practice Matchlock can be rented for 2 CP. These only have 10 Durability.

Beginner 1 Matchlock can be crafted or bought at the Marketplace. Closest Bears are West of Lake Kaia. Also found in the mountains and South of Olvia. Freshwater Crocodile are in Lake Kaia. Make sure character is not Tagged. Scroll completion will be shared with party. Kill 20 Hexe Skeletons at Hexe Sanctuary. Gather 5 Silver Azalea with a hoe.

Can be found at the entrance behind the hut at Hexe Sanctuary.