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Practical Ethics

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The Eight Best Introductory Books on Ethics – The Daily Idea

Comments Ethics by Arohi publications newly published is better than these books. Plz suggest me about books for upsc in Hindi medium. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Contactus Work with us Advertise with us Contact Us. Follow us. So once you accept the premise, you have to take animal suffering a bit more seriously. Singer says that suffering matters wherever it is produced, and we should care about the suffering of any sentient creature.

But Singer is completely logical about it. He accepts that if you were to eat only free range animals who lived a happy life at the end of which they were killed, there is almost nothing wrong with that.

Ethics in Education

He has a wonderful essay on equality, a great essay on war, and essays on consciousness as well, which is what makes living things different from dead things. Nagel introduces in this book something that is completely counterintuitive until one thinks more deeply about it, namely panpsychism — the idea that inanimate objects might have atoms in which there is a conscious element.

That sounds very weird until you think about human beings. We are created out of physical stuff, so where does the magical stuff of consciousness come from? Perhaps the answer is that the little bits of stuff which we thought was physical also contains within it some of this subjectivity, even if at a subatomic level. That seems crazy, but when you think about it, it has some plausibility to it. Nagel has also written a lot about altruism.

This is a book of two halves.

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I was a pretty pure utilitarian until I read it, and it countered a lot of the influence of Peter Singer. Williams is a critic of utilitarianism — he thinks it is a deeply simplistic way to view the moral world. The first example is this. Should you do it?

Williams says that from a utilitarian point of view, of course you should kill the one person to save the other The second example is a character called George, who is very anti nuclear power.

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Williams again says that from a utilitarian point of view, George should take the job. But that fails to capture the question of integrity. Associating your life and career with something that you so deeply resent and oppose would be an attack on your integrity.


The dissatisfaction George might feel in the job could mean that he starts mistreating his wife and kids, who in turn take it out on others, and the unhappiness accumulates. To some extent you can quantify happiness. You know that 19 lives are better than no lives, for instance.

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But while your objection is saying that from a utilitarian point of view it might be wrong, Williams argues that even if utilitarians say the answer is clear-cut that George should take the job, that misses the issue of integrity. Reasons and Persons was written in , and Derek Parfit was one of my postgraduate supervisors. Bernard Williams is an essayist and he looks at the big picture, like Nagel.

Heartificial Intelligence: Embracing Our Humanity to Maximize Machines

Parfit, more like Singer, is in the tradition of the 19th century philosopher Henry Sidgwick — he is a detailed, rigorous, almost mathematical philosopher, who worked from premises slowly to conclusions. There are various paradoxes that he tries to resolve. Suppose you knew that if you were to have a child, the child would have a terribly wretched life — it would be miserable, suffer for some years and then die.

Would it be a bad thing to bring that life into the world, if it was going to be unremittingly miserable?

The Ethics of Vaccination

Most people would agree that it would be. Imagine a world with a trillion people in it, all of whose lives are only slightly better than nothing — they have enough to eat and drink, but there is nothing really fulfilling about their existence. Compare that with a world in which there are only a few billion people, all of whom have a very high standard of living.

Most people would say that the latter is better than the former. But if you think there is something worthwhile about every life where there is more happiness than there is suffering, then you reach the repugnant conclusion, which is that the world with a trillion people is better, because of the cumulative happiness of that greater population.

I kept it in the family. This is another book that comes from the same generation of 25 years ago. It may be that books of that era have had more influence on me because I was young and impressionable, or it may be that it was simply a generation of really talented philosophers. I love this book because it is again incredibly rigorous, analytic and not at all sentimental or wishy washy. It came out in the late seventies, a time when people were still barred from jobs on grounds of sex. Janet makes the point — which others had made before, including John Stuart Mill — that this makes no sense. So she is feminist, but sceptically so. Los cuatro acuerdos: una guia practica para la libertad personal Spanish Edition. Don Miguel Ruiz. William B.

Fred Rogers. Zachary Broom. Meditations Illustrated. Almost Everything: Notes on Hope.

Anne Lamott. Carl Honore. Understanding the Dark Side of Human Nature. Professor Daniel Breyer. Ryan Patrick Hanley.

Nicomachean Ethics - Book 2 - Summary

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