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While the original grand narratives of this ilk have largely disappeared from the mainstream—how many today have read a single page of Herbert Spencer, Ludwig Gumplowicz or Karl Kautsky? Socio-biology is currently experiencing an ascendancy reminiscent of its glory days in the Belle Epoque.

8 Misguided Arguments on Refugees and Terrorism

While biological essentialism in its overtly racist form has fewer adherents than a century ago, ongoing advances in human genetics seem destined to spawn a form of neo-social darwinism better adapted to contemporary values, and with good prospects for becoming, once again, a dominant ideology.

This adaptability of evolutionary theory to prevailing conditions has manifested itself in the changing significance of history itself. As a result, the many recent attempts to offer an evolutionary account of the direction of history, in terms of the interplay of evolved propensities to conflict and cooperation, lack the characteristic breadth and occasional depth of the classics of this tradition.

In three books , , , reissued in in a single volume entitled A History of Military Thought: From the Enlightenment to the Cold War , Gat produced a formidable work of intellectual history that deserves consideration in its own right—a striking precursor to War in Human Civilization. It effectively captures the main episodes of three centuries of writing on military affairs, in a narrative of the rise and fall of Clausewitzian hegemony and the subsequent formulation of the containment doctrine. The stunning mid-century victories of Prussian arms under Frederick the Great during the —48 War of the Austrian Succession occasioned an outpouring of technical literature of this kind.

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Gopal Balakrishnan Role of Force in History H ow should Western military interventions of the past decade be situated within the millennial epic of human civilization? Email required. Password required. Create an account Forgot your password?

Role of Force in History

Subscribe for instant access to all articles since I gently suggested that she take a break from the Internet. The fact remains, though, that large-scale strikes on civilian targets outside the Middle East are a rarity. Countless plots have been disrupted.

In the case of the two attacks in Paris, most of the perpetrators were known to authorities, but they slipped through the net. If they maintain their vigilance and insure that their police and intelligence agencies have adequate resources, they can do a great deal to protect civilian populations.

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They want absolute assurances, which no government can provide. In other parts of the world, such as the Middle East and North Africa, terrorists do sometimes appear to be able to strike with impunity. We see something much larger and more threatening. That is the mindset that the jihadis are trying to create, of course.

Howard Zinn’s History Lessons

They know they can rely on us to magnify their actions. Moreover, short of shuttering the media and censoring the entire Internet, there appears to be nothing that Western governments can do about it. Ultimately, we can only hope that the negative aspects of modern technology are outweighed by the positive ones, of which there certainly are some. That represented a small victory for social media.

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Another was the fact that so many of the messages posted online contained comments critical of ISIS. Researchers at N. In the sample they looked at, tweets using explicitly anti- ISIS phrases appeared more than eight thousand times; pro- ISIS terms occurred fewer than four hundred times. That may be an overly hopeful way to look at things.

What cannot be contradicted, however, is the fact that social media, for all its possible drawbacks, can also provide a uniquely powerful platform for ordinary people to register their abhorrence at terrorism.

How Trump made it harder for the US to fight terrorism

And given the grim determination with which many members of ISIS and other extremist Islamist groups pursue their ends, it is unlikely to dissuade any potential terrorists. But at a time when the most basic precepts of human decency are subject to violent assault, it was a welcome effort to confront the killers on their chosen medium, and to remind them that theirs is not the only virtual community. Recommended Stories.


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